Located in Plaza 88


I am located in Inspire 30 Fitness Centre in Plaza 88 basement.  There is an elevator if needed.

Please note: my schedule is "By Appointment only!" 

If you have more questions, please feel free to call Lisa @ 306-960-9461


The short version of my journey

     I have been an Occupational/Physical Therapy Assistant since 2003.  While I enjoyed my job, I always knew there was something more I wanted to do.  When I met my now husband, it was obvious he had a problem with his hips.  He explained to me all the issues he's had since he was a child, and the chronic pain that came with it.  He had been dealing with pain for over 20 years, and pain medication had long ago ceased to work.

     Fast forward to our wedding in 2010...I have a brother that lived in Florida at the time, and had never met my husband until our wedding day.   My brother knew we were coming to spend part of our honeymoon close to their home so we could spend some time together.  He told us about a woman working in his gym who had this amazing pain machine called PEMF, and asked if he wanted to try a treatment each day we were there.  I was intrigued by the device, and she offered to start some basic training with me while we were there.  From the first treatment, my husbands pain was gone.  He went from 5-6 Advil at one time every day, to nothing for pain for 6 weeks!  We were hooked.  So I did some training through the company I was buying the device from, and started using it to treat others in 2011.  While the results are individual, not everyone can have their pain disappear after one treatment. Some peoples bodies respond faster than others and it depends on the issue.  On the whole, I have found great results in the majority of my clients. 

So again fast forward, to 2017.  I wanted to add more to my bag of tricks, but wasn't sure where to start looking.  Then one night while on Facebook, a friend had a post about a course she had taken called RAPID.  I asked her a few questions, and once again intrigued.  I signed up and took my first course in RAPID-NFR in January 2018.  It was different, but effective!  After taking the lower body course, I was already waiting with baited breath to take upper body, and then core to complete my Specialist training.  Once I started practicing, I thought about how beneficial a combination of both PEMF and RAPID would be.  Found a few clients to be guinea pigs, and the results were quite good!  They could go longer between treatments, and issues resolved a little quicker!  But I wasn't done yet...

Then I decided to take Reiki.  I have my level 2 which means I can do Reiki by distance sessions or in person.

I have decided to further my journey by taking Access Bars class!  I am certified and ready to defrag your mind!!

So, whether you need physical, mental, or spiritual assistance, I can help.  I have a treatment for everybody, and every body.  All safe for all ages.